Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hari Sukan First Year IMS Student...

Sangat sibuk, itulah kesimpulan mgu nie...

hari nie ahad and hari last sukan, and yet gambar tupai tak leh upload lagi, coz takde masa XD

Btw, hari sukan nie, aku ikut pertandingan Chess, Dota and memasak...

Chess main kalah mati and main satu ste jer and aku pakai putih, and lawan budak nie yg jalan sgt lambat... maybe itu strategy dia kot...yg jalan super duper lambat membuatkan segala strategi yg disusun curropted inside my curropted mind..

Bayangkan, main chess malam2 and lawan kita jalan lambat giler, mana tak ngantuk + pening + penat + a bit sakit hati... so last2 equationnya menjadi gini :

Lawan jalan lambat sgt = pening + penat + ngantuk = kalah!

Well, mmg la aku tak puas hati kalah and permainan nie takde time limit coz aku training kat just give 5 min to each player, so aku dah terbiasa main laju2... then jumpa lawan yg jalan lambat giler lak...mmg bukan nasib la... haizz...

Then masak akan berlangsung pagi nie ( skrg jam 6.30pg ), so aku harap team kami menang la altough kami dpt tema udang, while other team got chicken which is easy to cook + wide choises of recepie... tp pasrah jer la... and mengharapkan yg terbaik jer :D

About dota competition, tak tau jadi ke tak nie... harap2 la jadi and harap2 kami menang :D

K la, nak mandi kat rumah faiz :p

Got to go readers~


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tupai ku...

salam...(iramakan dlm syair)

tersebutla kisah, seorang pemuda, tertinggal pasport holder kat surau IMS,
dia menyesal tak berkesudahan, sambil balik kerumah, dgn kehampaan;

sepanjang masa, dia berdoa, agar pasportnya tak meningalkannya,
kerana ia, teramatlah penting, sebagai pengesahan, diri si perantau.

Duh... cut the crap...
Tym balik2 jer rumah + tersedar yg aku tertinggal pasport holder tu, nasib baik la ada due tlg bukak pintu rumah coz kunci dlm PH tu, then due p hantar aku srg2 la dlm rumah... then kat pintu kaca balkoni kami tu, aku nampak ada seekor tupai sdg mengintai2...

aku ketuk2 la pintu kaca tu tp dia tak gak lari... so aku ambil camera and tangkap gambar...

then aku try la bukak pintu tu, nak tgk dia lari ke tak, then dia tak lari, tp semakin dkt ngan aku, then coz takut dia gigit tgn aku, aku biar jak dia masuk dlm rumah :P

tgk gelagat tupai nie mmg melucukan ler... terlupa yg aku tertinggal PH aku ( now i mention it...teringat balik..)

then sampai satu tahap, i think what if i take it as a pet?

then aku pakai glove and tangkap tupai tu...well of course la dia lari2 + aku kejar2 :P

then dpt gak :D

dia try gak gigit tgn aku tp ada glove :P

aku letak dlm kotak and bagi kacang + air dlm tutup botol utk dia :D

emm...come to think of it, mesti dia rindu family dia kan... so i make an oath :
"kalau esok aku p surau IMS, and pasport holder aku masih ada kat situ + my pasport , I'll let u go" ( well its a bit hard for me to make that oath coz its my first pet at India and its soooooo cute!

but for the sake of my pasport, daku tetap melakukannya :/


Keesokan harinya, aku bgn awal and ambil bas ngan senior seawal jam 7pg... sampai2 kat IMS, terus cek surau....then...

Its There!!!

OMG!! how i'm very thankfull to the GOD :D

I'm happy for my passport, but a bit sad coz have to le my pet go... so aku sms la due suruh lepaskan tupai tu... :(

nanti la aku upload gambar tupai tu ocz takde masa skrg utk upload...

got to go readers~


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Week Ahead...

A week had pass, and we are getting nearer to the Second Internal Assessment, and its approximately 6~7 week left but yet I feel empty inside... well not that empty but really not enough to face the second IA...

This week I didn't do much revision, and just having a good time as this is the time of shopping in India coz every shop are in a BIG SALE... discount everywhere and up to 60% for branded item... But miraculously I didn't buy anything but only a pair of leather glove... Maybe its because i don't think I need any more cloth or pants and all I got now is enough :D

So, the one that not enough for me now is my knowledge... and the solution is to study harder XD

Well, that is all I need for now :D

Got to go readers~


Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've been playing Regum Online quiet a long time and tonight is the best part of all :D

Its when the releam of Syrtis and Alsuis which is enemy to each other and to us ( Ignis ) combine their power to destroy our nation and eventually the succed until reach The Great Gate of Ignis.

And this is the first time I've been seeing soooooo many player online and not to mention the lagg it cause.

I've been involve in expansion of our teritory and several Fort War but tonight War to defend our nation is the BEST! Altough i die several time ( cause of the lag + High lvl player combine to kill me alone )...

But overall, its the best part but sadly i cant cant participate until the end of the war coz ( low internet connection + my eyes already 50% closed )... So i wish my mates good luck in thier fight and hope our releam is secured once more :D

Got to go readers ~


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shopping Lagi???

Hari nie hari rabu and its Indian Holiday ( tak tau ape nama holiday dia...)

Well, its sale everywhere, and I'm planning on go for a shopping spree :D

Firstly pegi Forum... Lawat semua kedai and try to find 1 T-Shirt that I saw tym christmas... I realy should buy that shirt that timw, tp pasal aku dah beli overcoat, tak jadi beli tym tu...

Then hari nie, p cari balik baju tu kat Tommy Hilfiger, but sadly dah takde.... terus hilang mood nak beli barang... to bad.. round2 Forum and try to locate the Oasis Mall tp tak jumpa...

After finishing a tour at forum mall, the the next destination is the Garuda Mall :D

Lawat semua kedai yg jual baju...altough they give discount, baju2 dia tak lawa... haizz, too bad for me... then after round all shop at garuda mall, the third destiantion is LifeStyle Mall... takde benda pun situ... haizz, buat penat aku jalan jer...

After that nak p Briget Road coz nak cari glove, tp aku dah terlampau penat + ngantuk + reduced mood nak beli brg coz baju yg aku nak beli dah takde, aku pun balik...

Opss, lupa lak, tym kat forum mall tu, sampai2 jak, aku nak p makan KFC tp tersinggah kat Sahib Sindh Sultan restaurant... firstly ingatkan restaurant besa jak... sebelum masuk tu, tgk menu kat luar, then ckp kat dia:

"All these menu are suitable for how many person?" then dia ckp "minimun 2 person"
so aku ckp, "so anything suitable for me coz I'm 1 only"...then dia belek2..why dont u come inside sir..

aku pun masuk la... then tersentap sikit... coz mcm high giler nie restaurant dia... segan lak aku nak masuk, tp memberanikan diri utk masuk :P

then tanya2 kat waiter tu apa yg bagus and sesuai, dia sugest tah bende nama ayam tu (boneless) + nasi... so aku makan la.. sedap ooo and layanan dia serius high giler + suasana romantik..phew, mesti mahal tak nie :P

Then abis makan, mintak la bil, and what do u know... RS750!!

Well, i already espected this but I'm fine coz really satisfied with the food and the service :D

So today, aku tak beli apa2 just have a good dine at a fancy restaurant and that make me happy :D

Ok la, nak tidur, dah jam 12malam kat india nie, ngantuk :P

Got to go readers~


Friday, January 9, 2009


About 10 days previously, I think I gain the peace I seek... I doesn't talk bad about other people, don't trying to find other people bad side, secret, story and many other bad thing that I usually adore... And with this improvement(i think) I can sleep well, can study well, can do anything that will annoy people. Finally my concentration rising up and I think I see clearly from now...

But what I don't understand is, why some of us like to see others suffer and do not wish someone have something that they do not have?

I seriously wonder...

And what more surprising is the one that do something that to you is the one that you've been called friends...

In my opinion, when a friend have a fight with us, and they want to make up, they will try to forgive what we have done wrong and we must forgive what they do wrong, and try not to find any bad side of them and us.

But, it seems like I'm the only one that want to make up this friendship and they did not to their part instead rising such simple issue like"tak tolong2 potong sayur" which I think is such a micro thing to be discussed. It's not like I'm not doing anything that can be contributed to the house, coz I already in charge on the garbage which I really despise, but for the sake of house, I'm still doing it.

But, their job is at the kitchen, and yet they still want me to go their and help them... is their worker not enough coz I think the worker are sufficient or their just want to rise issue to make me look bad so they have something to talk about.

Why they cant just do their job and I do mine. It sound like I'm "berkira", but they are the one that "berkira" first. Why if they "berkira" people think its right and if I "berkira" I'm wrong? Is it because they are many and I'm alone? So when they start to "berkira" they are right? and when I'm "berkira" Im wrong coz im alone?

If its what they think, is it "adil" for me?

I don't know what to do anymore, I don't know how to please them anymore. If they have a lot work to do, so am I. If they have bundle of record to be written, so am I. If they think they need time for them self, so am I. So?

Or is it their really true face? That tend to look for others at a bad side of view?

I is a question that I don't know the answer...

But one thing for sure, after hearing this issue rising, the peace, concentration, clam that I try to build inside me slightly shatter because I do actually care about being harmony with my housemate. If they don't think I'm as their friend, try and try to think I'm as their housemate. I seriously do not want to have a bad relationship with my housemate...

Anyway, if the condition and perception really cant changed, and if they still think I'm the bad, and wrong side, and is they really don't want to have a peace and harmony with me, thanks for make me realize the fact that I try to deny all these time, the fact that I try to look something good inside you and pretend not to see the truth...


Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Leaf...

Come to think of it, there's too many things happen at 2008 and most of them an unpleasant one. Hurt me that badly while leaving numerous hideous scars that takes forever to disappear and forever is such a long time...

Then come new year, 2009 whom idk what will it bring for me, excitement or more sadness. But i hope it will bring prosper and success for me. Everyone kept saying, new year mean new leaf, and we must trying to make the best of it while make the past mistake as boundaries that guide us from making terrible mistake. I kind of agree on that.

I guess its time to turn on a new leaf which mean, I must get out from the negative surrounding I've been before. All the bad habit I've done before like talking about other people bad side must be avoided at any cost. Well, when trying to do that, firstly must avoid those who like to talk about other people then we will not having the tendency to talk about other people too.

Which mean, everything that happen for a reason and The Almighty arrange all these event to make us realize what is right and what is wrong for those who think and think. That's the fuel that drive me all the way until now since I've suffer from the terrible lost of my friends. I guess for me to grasp the medical course together with the afterlife mission, a bad influence must be avoided.

Know, I'm really Thank The God for showing me which is true and which is plastic. I hope His Guidance will never leave me although I've done so many bad thing. Also hoping that this new year filled with new experience and new achievement. I guess I don't have to look for the truth of the Law of Attraction and Theory of Separation anymore. All I have to do is work hard to achieve my goal which is t pass this MBBS with good result and become a good doctor.

Got to go readers, got to do assignment :D

Friday, January 2, 2009


result dah kuar and it was like .... okayyy... this is badd.... rendah gak! haizz... + my MCQ i dont think i pass... NVM then.. next IA will not be like this! I hope... :P

the silent friday continue and move to shop for my suppliment at Yeshwanthapur Market where i buy 1 tray of egg, half kilo of carrot, 1 quarter kilo of tomato and 1 pinnaple. Hope enough for next week altough apple stock running low... well i guess have to buy next week :D