Friday, March 9, 2012

Hey people, been ages since ive opened blogspot. Dunno dont have the mood to open any blog nowdays.

Anyway, today was my Medicine End Posting Examination. It was freaking hard. I've got CNS case. :(

The viva was a disaster. Yeah, i didnt read CNS coz i didnt think that it would be included in 4th year portion. Too bad...

But thanks God the Doctor was kind ( although he was angry with me coz cant answer so many question ), he give me pass mark. *phew

But I'm still ashamed tho :(

The returning for hospital, my gift from SteelSeries arrive today!!! yahhoooooooo!!!

It's a SteelSeries Ock Limited Edition (StratCraft2 Marine) surface!!! I won it with my answer 'solo' in the facebook online competition hahaha! Pretty lucky eh? I LOVE ONLINE FREEGIFT!!!! hahaha ^_^


But that's not what I wanna share today.

Because of my sadness today, i wan in a bad mood... decide to bunk gym session today, when I came across this video on youtube. Its about The Day of Reckoning. Watching this video patiently ( its almost 1 hour long! ), slowly my sadness towards the exam gone, and this video made me think, "am i ready?"

I know too well about the answer. but there's never too late in Islam. So how about you?

Watch this, wake up from your dream, achieve God's love and forgiveness :D