Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dissection Hall 2



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dissection Hall

Well, its an interesting learning method coz u can see the cadaver in front of ur eyes...

but it seems that someone want to distract me here and there by spilling some words that really annoyed me... well, I hope u can cherish ur life... Feel sorry for u....

Thursday, November 6, 2008


well altough just sambutan raya yg telah habis... but try to cerish it with my new original pashmina shawl :D

Nak naik bas p IMS

Diorang zaidi, hazrul and faiz CK tidur rumah kami malam tu and p IMS sekali ngan aku kozaq ilham and ikre :)

Yea la kan... dah clique Divya Landmark nie vogue2... kena jalan sekali :P

Aku ambil gambar dalam bas yg bergoncang kuat :P

Hari tu berjalan lancar ngan auditorium yg sejuk giler.... speach dari penaja and dato president yg panjang tapi bermakna... well... for those yang mendengar la...

Tp sempat lagi ambil2 gambar :P

I just love my pashmina shawl..BTW, that guy next to hazrul is Haris the new boy in town... kawan lama hazrul...tak sangka dia dpt tembus gak blog aku :P

The Divya Landmark

~ Me with The FORM 5 ~

Overall its such a great event coz everyone seems like dressing as good as they can and its very enjoying to see people creativeness and braveness to wear something that is different in the term of fashion :D

~ END Rumah Terbuka Chapter ~

Bangalore INDIA : The First 15 days

Wow...with a bulk of money inside my pocket... its time for SHOPPING!!!

just kidding... banyak gak buku kena beli...and sebok urus banyak benda like sim card, buku2, buku bank, and so on... orientation week busy giler... nak shopping lagi untuk lengkapkan banrangan rumah...haiz....dah la kami 3 org jak ( aku due and nabil ) p beli barang2 utuk first day...

penat nak mampus..tp pas batang, kozaq, kre and ilham dtg... ok la sikit...

our apartment is DIVYA LANDMARK and its for trend setter like me kre and kozaq ( poyo lak :P )

its a big house but since its for 7 ppl, its still big :P

and i just love the balcony outside our house :D

nak citer apa lagi ek??... aku bagi gambar jer la :P

~ da pic ~

in front of our apartment

a little fragment of the balcony pic :P

OMG!!! I forgot to tell about the swimming pool! I just love our apartment swimming pool and its none like others :D

Kat dalam lecture hall ( auditorium room )

~ skrg gambar shopping lak ~

Shopping kat Forum Mall

Nie plak kat Commercial Street

Nie suasana kat bridget road lepas diwali...shopping for my pashmini shawl utk esok event yang akan daku tulis in next blog :)

I think thats all for today's chapter

~ End for First 15 days Chapter ~

Bangalore INDIA : The Arrival...

Flight first p India consist of MARA student, Fast track student and KMS student... lupe lak sorang budak KMB.... tym kat KLIA tu ramai giler org... but im the first 1 to check in :D

berat beg : 27.7kg and I have to pay RM 151 for 3 kg... duhh...tension gak ngan pak check in tu..tp tak pa la...

Ari tu, ramai gak kwn dtg... dari SMESH pun dtg tuu.... but unfortunately, kwn2 dari foundation tak smepat nak jumpe like Faris and so on...coz aku nampak diorang pun tym aku turun tangga nak masuk gate... sedih gak la tak sempat salam2 :(

Here some pic from KLIA to Bangaluru International Airport :


<---- SMESHIAN Friends: Fathi : Brown T-Shirt Daus : White T-Shirt

Me and Manuel :D

Boys from foundation although takde elron, nopa and arif joe...

Aku dan faiz CK d luar airport Bangaluru... tgu bas p apartment sampai :)

Due, Nabil and me waiting for Divya Landmark Bus

~ End The Arrival Chapter ~

Bangalore INDIA : The Beginning

~ Me with my elder sister and my parents at KLIA ~

Its been a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity to update my blog because of the busy life i have right now... But, I hope everything will going to be alright..

When talking about Bangalore, I'm not actually feel like I was in overseas coz the feeling is the same like I was in Shah Alam due to many reason like too many Malaysian and I'm doing my foundation in MSU which have a lots of Indian... SO its like the same... its just a bit different when Im going shopping at Commercial Street, MG Road, Bridget Road, National Market and so on...

Here some pic I take since i'm arrive at Bangaluru International Airport : Have A nice trip exploring my BLOG :D