Monday, March 22, 2010


Alhamdulilah, at last, after all these time ( 2 month + ), i finally got my second laptop. Its Vaio VPCEB16FG with :

Intel Core i3-330M ( 2.13 GHz)
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 ( 1GB )
Using windows 7 64bit ( but after switch on this laptop, the max is 32 bit >.< ) Resolution : 1920 X 1080 X 60 Hz

Other spec u google urself coz I'm to lazy to type it right now.

Its blue colour ( exactly like the pic above ) and it only cost me RS50000. I forgot to check the price in Malaysia but i believe its somwthing RM3000-RM 4000 something.

Well, actually i wanna bought Alienware M15x but there's too many reason not to buy that laptop and most importantly due to the very expensive price and not worth if being stolen again like my first laptop, not that I dont care bout this laptop safety, but it's just the community being too dangerous to have something like that ( well what do u expect from uncivilized Indian - Note that I'm using uncivilized Indian coz not all Indian are bad like my lecturer, they all are very good ppl + hardworking + clever etc, so I'm using uncivilized Indian for certain parties only ( especially the thief who stole my stuff >.< )

I'll be continuing blogging from now and starting about our trip to Uthi tomorrow, so I'm gonna put my next update this Friday after going back form there ^_^

OK, I'm gonna pack my thing for tomorrow journey, so got to go ppl :D

~Salam ^_^