Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meeting with the Dean

Finally the dean arrived at the Bangalore campus. So we all have meeting eith him about our final year course.

Its so scary how he describe about the chance and outcome of this course.

Now several thing need to be passed :

1. Attendance above 80% for 4th and 5th year. (I dont know if mine lepas ke tak, next 2 week akan keluar list)
-if lepas can proceed for final exam
-kalo x lepas automatically sambung another 1 year with the juniors.
-pray!!! :(

2. Clinical exam.
Lepas bab attendance, now proceed with final exam. So basically clinical exam (long case & short caseX3) kena lepas. Kalo carry mark & theory exam distinction pun, tapi clinical failed, still kira fail. "Clinical Exam stand alone" although it contribute 20% of the overall mark.

3. Overall mark.
Pass clinical exam, now the accumulative score. 
-carry mark (continuous assessment 4th & 5th year-40%)
-OSCE : 10%
-Theory Exam: 30% (each 10% from MCQ, MEQ, SEQ)
-Clinical Exam: 20% (10% long case, 10% short case)

So... I just have to pass the clinical exam and score 50% for pass MBBS given that my attendance cukup. 

Sad thing about carry mark is, doctor kat hospital bagi 50% je average mark sbb diorang xnak student "high/gembira" ngan markah tinggi2... They expect us to work harder la. Well you can interpret it into bad or good views. 

Carry mark/Continuous Assessment:
-End Posting Exam
-Case Presentation

Yeah even attitude yg per 40 pun doc suka bagi separuh je. CP or EOP lagi la. But the doc bagi markah mcm tu pun sbb niat diorang nak bagi student strive for better... Sigh idk...

Anyway thats the sum of pre clinical and clinical year of a MBBs course. :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I bid my congratulation to those who tried their best to de-sensitised the community from being protective towards their value and religion.

Recently video anjing you tube.

Dont get the wrong idea. It is not saving the life of those dog which is wrong, BUT the way she presented it and the theme of the video using all those background music (takbir raya correct me if im wrong) etc.

People keep telling that holding hands between couple that is not married is worst then this. YES IT IS! But that doesnt mean we need to allow this (video/gambar provokasi terhadap islam) to roam freely right?

Let say today we let it go, tomorrow the will come with more striking idea right? Coz it wont do harm to them.

If you people didnt realise, this is the process of de-sensitising. Start with small2 thing, then slowly increasing the magnitude of the provocation.

Kalo esok diorang letak gambar babi and the caption is "Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri", with these community yg dah "de-sensitised", they will feel NOTHING!

Dah nak rasa apa nye, bukannya haram dipegang pun babi tu, haram makan je, its better dari letak gambar org yg bukan mahram mingle with each other right?

Wake up people!

Then you will say they just trolling and all so they shouldnt get punished. SEJAK BILA ISLAM BOLEH DI-TROLL? SINCE MUSLIM SUKA BACA 9GAG? So they already x rasa apa2 bila org lain troll their religion? (Another successful desensitisation)  

Sedang dalam Al-Quran kata agama itu bukan untuk senda gurau, siapa kita untuk membenarkan agama di-senda gurau?

Please la, jgn sebab interest politik kita abaikan isu agama.

"Maafkan mereka, mereka tidak tahu" 

Hello??!! This is 21st centuries man! Internet access is everywhere! You can google about Islam everywhere, theres no question of "tak tahu". At least you know which should and should not been done right? Like a simple fact "Muslim cannot eat PIG". Simple right? So dimana persoalan "mereka tidak tahu"?

Im not a saint, but i do feel something when they insult my religion. Same as i feel when they insult any other religion(isu kepala lemu etc).

Whatever hujjah korang apa, but i will not support this kind of action. 

"Another wrong(bukan muhrim bergaul benas) DO NOT justified another wrong(insult towards religion).

(A photo i screen captured from facebook).