Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Esok New Year...

Emm... tym new year pun kami masih kelas... haizzz... tp takpe la, sylibus mmg banyak giler pun... Cant afford to miss Dissection...

Result First IA :

Anatomy : - Theory = 45/60 Practical = 25/30, 10 markah lagi kat Record book kot and Idk berapa aku dapat.

Biochemistry : - Theory = 27/60, Practical tak tau... AKU GAGAL!!!! :P
Tapi takpe la, mmg tak target utk first IA pun. Got to do better for second and third IA...

Physiology : - Tak tau lagi, esok kot kuar markah... mesti rendah gak yg nie... haizz..

Well, now im really bored and waiting for my food from kubera arrive for "bukak puasa".
Well for this 10days, I'll be fasting for the muharam month.

*my uztaz said its "sunat" to fast fpr 10days ( 1~10 muharam) according to some "riwayat".
So ill be following this :D

K la.. nak bukak puasa dah tp still tak sampai2 lagi makanan... bukak puasa ngan mknn ringat dulu yer la nie... Cya readers :D

Friday, December 26, 2008

Home Alone : Nak Habis dah Cuti

Its Friday and tomorrow is Saturday and after that is Sunday. Then come Monday where we will be continuing our study and perhaps the result for first IA already been released.

This 9 day of holiday pass quickly as it were yesterday the holiday begin... NVM, Life has to go on...

Emm, there are 2 days for me left to regain my strength back and I hope in this 2 days I'll have the rest I need to overcome the whole study days for second IA.

Not expect much in this first IA, and I hope that I'll be doing great in second and third IA.. amin :D

Nak tulis apa lagi ek?

Takde dah kot...maybe hari nie tidur awal, penat dari shopping, opss... kantoi lak p shopping lagi..

Well, tym nak sembayang Jumaat kat CS, tukar duit jap, then jalan2 sikit, nampak baju lawa... so terbeli la ... haizz... nie la aku malas nak kuar nie... hehe tapi takpe la :P

Btw, its the last cloth shopping for this and next month kot... ocz ill be really busy... and thats why I'll change my money to prepare for next month... so tak yah la kuar lagi :P

K la, I'm off now, Cya readers :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home Alone : No more shopping

This a a fur Overcoat... aku jumpa kat shopping mall... harga RS2500, tp aku tak beli la coz mcm perempuan sgt... tp mmg teringin nak try :P

Tp tak kisah la, coz aku dah beli Overcoat hitam tu :D

Emm, nak shopping apa lagi ek?

Td jalan2 kat Forum, terjumpa Putet and Ili... jalan2... tak tau dah apa nak beli.. Haizz.. Boring tul, semua baju sama jer.. style sama jer kat india nie, membuatkan aku malas giler nak kuar shopping coz semua barang lama... kalau baru pun... serius tak lawa... harga jer lebih... tp tak kisah la... asalkan aku dah jumpa apa yg aku nak :D

Maybe nie la penamat aku utk shopping mgu nie...

penat dah.. masa utk rehat lak :P

Well guys, Cya :)

Overcoat Hitam daku :

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home Alone : The Hazy Morning

OMG! Berkabus tebal kat luar... and its quiet cold... Well, thank GOD i already shopping yesterday, no need to go out today :D

Then dgr lagu Those Were The Days ( mintak tlg syamrin dwnload :P thanks a lot :D)...

sedih tul ( kalau paham lyric dia )

Then tergerak nak call Hafiz, so call la...

Then YM ngan dia... ok gak la...

Emm... pasnie nak makan and lundry... sadly housemate aku kunci mesin basuh dlm bilik diorang and diorang p bercuti... terpaksa la aku cuci pakai tgn... all my selimut and cadar... haizz... takpe la...

~after 12 hour~

emm, overall today is such a great day coz I've complete my laundry ( except my2 blanket and a towel...terpaksa la cuci pakai tgn juga benda2 nie... Haizz)

Well, daging masak kicap aku menjadi and im having it for lunch and dinner :D

Im going to bed now. Cya readers ~

Home Alone : Shopping

Its such a wonderful day... The sun shine brightly and its not that cold outside... So i take this opportunity to go shopping :D

Firstly, i wanna go to Forum... but after thinking some more... I decided to go to MG road + Briged Road.

After solat Zohor, I make my way to MG road...


Going to VIVA first to see if they got new collection... but sadly, its all old and outdated, and just the same from my last visit there... Singah kejap levi's Signiture and beli 1 muffla around RS400...

Then p makan KFC :)

Dah keluar KFC tetiba dgr or pangil " rashid 3X"... pusing belakang...nampak Arif Joe :D

Dia kat KFC lak..

Then, p melawat Zodiac... tp still old collection gak... (monolog dalaman " MANA WINTER COLLECTION NIE???!!!" )

then p Dockers San Fransisco Butique... memberanikan diri utk masuk :P

pusing2... naik tgkt 2... then pekerja dia tanya " what do u want to find sir?"

aku ckp " Im looking for long coat or overcoat... ( sambil buat bahasa isyarat tunjuk paras atas lutut) "

dia ckp " owh, come upstair"

aku pe lagi, bergegas naik tgkt 3 :D

OMG! Its beautiful!!! I want it!!!

Black Overcoat... aku test2 la...must u all :D

Tgk harga..opss... RS7000!!!

Emm... fikir2... fikir2... fikir2...

Telan jak la... belek2 duit daku... aku ckp " ok ill take this :D "

turun bawah and bayar... aaaaaa I buy it!!! kuar kedai ngan senyuman lebar giler :P

org lalu lalang kat luar pun heran.. but Who CARES! :p

Asalkan aku gembira :P

Then jalan2 lagi and masuk semua butique yg aku lalu... Then nampak Paper Jeans London. Masuk kejap la... Round2... beli tali pingang and baju...

Jalan2 lg... beli snowcap Rebox ( utk guna jadi kopiah :P) well tym sembahyang kalau rambut halang..nanti tak bater be carefull kan :D

So Puas hati ngan overcoat aku + barang2 yg daku beli + penat + nak kejar solat Asar... aku pun balik la...

That evening, borak ngan mak kejap + mintak tips cooking :)


Overall, Its such a great day :D

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Internal Assessment : The End

YAY! Alhamdulilah!

Practical Physiology tamat menandakan 1st Internal Assessment berakhir...

Walaupun tak expect much in this 1, hope tak la teruk sgt markah... kalau teruk... 2nd and 3rd ade lagi :P

Hope I'll be doing great next IA :D


p/s : bermulalah sudah cuti daku selama 9 hari... I wonder, ape nak buat... :P

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Internal Assessment : Done with theory...


Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry theory paper already complete. Although i don't have any big hope for this first internal assessment, I hope that my mark didn't reach 0...

Tomorrow will be practical exam for all the subject. I hope It will release from the risk to get 0... Hope ... :P

Second IA, Here I Come !!! :P

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Internal Assesment!!!

ARGHH!!! Esok exam and aku rasa mcm dpt jawab 5% jer. grrr... well tak leh nak kata apa la kan...dah study sikit... harap tak la teruk sgt keputusan kali nie and try the best next IA plak.

Good luck semua!

Doakan kejayaan bersama :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dissection Hall 3

Some editing must be done for the previous topic... Well, kewarasan menyelubungi, fikiran berputar menyebabkan aku menarik kembali kata2 ku...

Well, my harsh post must be derived from my hatred inside my heart that eventually blurred my vision... But now, after thinking some more... Its a very unprofessional work especially form me who trained to be professional ( poyo lak :P )

It seems forgiveness is required to make things clearer...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


What a blessed Friday!!! Or was it not....

Today is the test for Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. Well, i dont really struggle for it. Its a bit too late to study now... just looking at the past question paper...

Thats not that important! The important thing happen that day is I know a shocking news. The story is like this :

" Theres a boy who been accused by his batch as a traitor. 1 more news is 1 of his close friend think he want to humiliate him...


And this all happen coz this boy chatting with a senior who apparently kept spreading about our batch secret to the whole world...well not actually world...

Actually, thats is the second time he chat with that particular senior... meaning, nothing or no secret had been exposed and kalau nak tgk sgt pun 'rahsia' or cerita batch yg dimaksudkan... takde la besar mana... tak penting pun bagi budak tu... cerita tu dah lama terkubur kat mais... tp tak tau la plak napa org tuduh budak... maybe pasal past dia kot... org mmg tak leh lupakan... altough diorang kata dah still marked by that particular impression... Duhh...

Then about his close friend that think he want to humiliate him... This is a very sad news... it was never meant to be that way. Never! But misunderstanding happen i guess... Its pointless to explain anyway... already happen... just have to walk along this painful road...

Hope things going batter... Oh ya... the rumor for what the boys intention is really not true... Hope someone believe in it... hope.... "