Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bukan kawan, sekadar kenalan, itu mungkin boleh.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Td peralatan2 kat gym dia ubah sikit kedudukan. so one of that thing that i have to push ( i forgot what's the name ), was placed in front of the mirror wall. So while doing this thing, I can observe myself... ans what do you know... my right shoulder is not in a same alignment with my left. Right is slightly ( more then slightly actually ) forward and elevated >.<

Aish... pelik2... maybe the strength of the muscle on both side is not equal kot...

I hope after several month, this problem would be cured by itself ^_^

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Beginning of an End

I've been thinking so many things lately. Either bout the decision I've made, will make etc etc.

Maybe its because the First Internal Assessment in 2 weeks and I haven't started yet, or perhaps i've just realize I've choose the wrong person, or maybe these words left unsaid starting to takes its toll.

Idk know much bout life but one thing for sure, Its HARD.

So many choices offered to us, and yet we fail to see the good one. Often blinded by the whisper of the 'devil', by love, by wealth and so on.

Ive made mine and I know its a big mistake. But then I'll try to manage with it, mingle with it and eventually solve it, but some people just like to see others suffer and dwell in lots of problem, perhaps that make them feel more superior, happy and satisfy with the crowd they collect.

But you know, life is like a cycle, what you do to people will eventually come to you, if not, your children and that time I HOPE it will be more suffering then what you do to other people.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Mudah2an hilang sifat ni dari diri aku.

Imam Ghazali memberi beberapa panduan untuk mengelakkan sikap takabbur yang ada dalam diri manusia, iaitu :

1. Apabila berjumpa kanak-kanak, anggaplah mereka lebih mulia daripada kita kerana kanak-kanak belum dibebani dosa.

2. Apabila berhadapan dengan orang tua pula, anggaplah mereka juga lebih mulia kerana mereka lebih lama beribadah daripada kita.

3. Apabila berjumpa orang alim, anggaplah dia lebih mulia kerana banyaknya ilmu di dadanya.

4. Apabila melihat orang jahil anggaplah mereka lebih mulia kerana mereka berbuat dosa kerana kejahilan sedangkn kita melakukan dosa dalam keadaan mengetahuinya.

5. Apabila berjumpa orang jahat, jangan anggap kita mulia. Tetapi katakan, mungkin orang jahat itu akan bertaubat pada masa tuanya, sedangkan kita belum tahu bagaimana akhirnya kehidupn kita.

6. Apabila bertemu orang kafir katakan, belum tentu dia akan kafir selama-lamanya.