Sunday, July 25, 2010


Td ada usrah, bincang banyak benda but main pasal Aqidah, Pergaulan, Ibadah etc etc.

Tp ada 1 quote by Imam Hasan Al-Bana yg sgt menarik minat, it goes like this :

"Sekuat2 ukhwah adalah **** ( i forgot the term tp something like mementingkan saudara dari diri sendiri la ), dan selemah2 ukhwah adalah berlapang dada"

I was like OMG! Coz, reflect to my self, kalau jumpa jer org yg tak berapa 'prefer' tu, mesti start nak ckp something.. Haizzz >.<

Well, most of us do something like this (especially me la ), so based on those quote, takde ukhwah langsung la kan? haizz.... *mengeluh panjang..

Ramadhan dah dekat, tp hati still kotor, apa la nak jadi nie T_T...

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hari nie ahad, masa rehat yg amat2 diperlukan coz hari Sabtu tu diganti dgn lectur utk Hari isnin ( coz isnin India buat strike ). And kelmarin gak la exam Medicine and Patho, PHEW~

Thank God semua dah habis, and hari Rabu nie plak ujian Micron >.<

Honestly I dont think im gonna able to answer the question but then, I'll have to...

Mgu nie mmg penat... banyak sgt kerja... lain exam, lain assignment.. haizz...

as expected from MBBS course ( Com Med. mengada2 )...


Aku mahu bilik yg luas... yg muat utk aku letas semua brg2 ku, perabot2 ku, gadget2 ku ( takde ape pun ), tp yg boleh buat aku selesa utk tgl 3thn lagi kat india nie >.<

Namun semua itu hanya cita2 yg mungkin tidak akan kesampaian coz nak pindah kena ada housemate segala... haizz... aku hanya mampu mengeluh panjang...

Kadang kala aku rindu akan susasana rumah yg tenang, yg boleh lepak kat mana saja pelusuk rumah, tp rumahku, tempat yg aku boleh singgah hanyalah bilikku.. ruang tamu penuh dgn brg2, meja makan penuh dgn brg bukan makanan seperti racun lipas, minyak motor, helmet etc... Tidak ingin aku bertekak kerana masing2 ada hak utk utilize ruang2 rumah.. Biar...

Just hope someday I'll have the chance to feel the warmth of what the call home.. perhaps...

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yesterday, while I attending my clinical posting, I took the chance to do Cryotheraphy for Wartz that infect my sole. Total 4 Wartz and 2 on both plantar side of my feet. The biggest 1 on my left and 2 on the right just start so it's a little small. The other 1 on my left sole already regressing.

So when seeing the Dermatologist, she do the slit sign ( if im not mistaken ) where she cut the 'thing' using scalpel. No bleeding for all except fir the largest 1 on the left foot. Theres slight pain when she do that, tho the pain is faint but very sharp T_T...

Anyway, she want me to do the Cryo in Monday but then the bleeding wont stop even after pressing it for like 5min. So she suggest I do it and I agree.

Back when Derma posting, we often see someone undergo Cryotheraphy ( it even come out on the exam >.< ), but never imagine that I would have experience with it.

Then the procedure start, she gonna start spray the lesion with liquid nitrogen. She say " this gonna burn a little" and i thought that would give slight pain.. She start... cold...very cold...very very cold... cold+hurt a little... pain... a bit painfull... OMG OMG OMG!!!! painfull!!! my foot withdraw ( reflex okayyy ) lol :p

Then she hold my foot so it wont move and continue T_T...

Now for the big lesion she start... Urgh... Cant describe the pain, its just too much >.< (not forget the bleeding still continue )

After finish all things she prescribe the medicine and give me the bill, while going to pay it, too many ppl so I'm going to class ( the lec already there :p )

After class, pay the bill ( the line is very long ) so Faiz CK ( not Calvin Klein okayyy lol :p ) help me to get the medicine ( Thank you so muchhh!!! :p )

Finish the hospital scene and going back home ^_^

Thinking of it, why does pain exist? ( jgn bidas secara logic )~

Perhaps to make ppl realize that life is not all happy but also filled with obstacle and problem that sometimes will surely give us hard time, but then I heard this quote from 1 of the anime I'm watching now :

"no matter what happen, the sun will always shine"

It give a huge meaning to me...

Gtg now~