Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!! (take-2)

Okay, I've read my post and its pretty lame.. Ive lost the touch I guess...

Anyway, this year I'm trying these new things, bout sociology. Its a bit risky, buy hey! We live only once and better make out the best of it right? hehe :p

- Let go all the hatred towards other ( checked )
- Trying my best to let go and move on ( _____ )
- Trying my best to study hard ( _____ )
- Saving money for Greece trip ( _____ )
- Wake up early to catch the bus ( _____ )
- Cook myself lunch and bring it to hospital ( _____ )

And the list goes on... but WAIT!!!! only 1 thing checked! Omg what happen to me? lol.

Become so lazy like this, urgh I should be ashamed, but the truth it, I feel nothing hahahaha! lol again.
I guess I did changed a bit. ( or a lot? idk )

Well who cares! As long as I enjoy living ^__^

Happy New Year!!

Its the first day of the year, and here I am, alone in my desk, waiting for the Azan Subuh in front of my computer.

Been so long since I've updated my blog, dunno... dont feel like it.

But then Its the best way to kill time like this huh?

Anyway, my 2011 was 'GREAT', so many dramas, memories etc etc.

Moving in 2 house in a year, whats more drastic than that? Hahhaa! Too bad things didnt work out. Not gonna complaint or blaming other, we all have our perspective and opinion. i'll try my best to stay out of trouble :D

The good thing is, I've bought the Siberia Steel Series limited edition headphone! Yahooo!!! Thanks to the discount, the price drop from Rs 8k to Rs5.6k hehe. Well things on my wishlist must be obtained no mater what!!! :p

so many things to talk about but didnt know where to start.

this year we gonna have our elective posting. Idk what research we going to do, but I hope we can finished it early and the extra days... holiday!!!

So now, leave the 2011 bad memories and welcome the 2012 with bright smile and may a blessed and interesting year awaits us ^___^

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sometimes a little pull would work.

Darn its hurt when you not even trying.